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Managed Services

Back-Office Enhancement

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Services Overview

Matrix offers an array of trade support functions, coupled with our TradeBlazer system, to assist with your back office securities processing tasks.

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Managed Services
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Matrix Applications
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Managed Services
Case Study
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Summary of Services

Managed Services through Matrix Applications complements existing staff and adds extra flexibility. Matrix increases the performance and effectiveness of your operations team while lowering your overall costs. Our team works with clients to develop a full understanding their business needs and crafts a customized solution, daily workflows and operations manuals.


Technology Services


Technology Support

  • Help Desk
  • Business Hours Support
  • Emergency Support

System Integrity

  • System Availability
  • Service Reliability
  • System Maintenance 

System Administration

  • User Setup & Provisioning
  • User Administration & Entitlements
  • System Reporting & Monitoring


  • IT Security Program Implementation
  • Multifactor Authentication 
  • Penetration Detection & Prevention

Business Continuity

  • Disaster Recovery Programs
  • Cybersecurity Incident Response
  • Data Redundancy Protocols 

Third Party Integrations

  • Accounting Systems
  • Trading Connections
  • Data & Pricing Services

Back Office Operations


Operations Support

  • Help Desk
  • Business Hours Support
  • Emergency Support
  • Training

Data Management

  • Portfolio Data
  • Transaction Data
  • Counterparty Data
  • Regulatory Data


  • General Ledger
  • Portfolio Accounting
  • Net Capital Computation
  • Reconciliations 


  • Trade Reporting
  • Cash Reconciliation
  • Audit Reporting
  • Regulatory Reporting


  • Transaction Reconciliation 
  • Margin & Trade Fails
  • Cash Projections
  • Wire Transfers

FICC Functions

  • GSD & MBSD Data
  • Transaction Matching
  • Clearing Fund Monitoring
  • Settlement Reporting

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