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The Matrix Mission

Matrix Applications is a fintech leader in the fixed income capital markets, offering front-to-back support for firms both big and small. We utilize our industry and technological expertise to deliver simple solutions to complex problems. Our forward-thinking team aims to empower our clients to take advantage of an ever-changing landscape by being ahead of industry trends.

World Class Infrastructure

Matrix has high-availability data centers in New Jersey and Illinois. The infrastructure is fully redundant: dual carriers, redundant ISP’s, clustered server farms, near real-time replication on next generation security appliances. Services include communications, database administration, server maintenance, firewalls, information security, data backup, and user access, among others.

Our primary data center adheres to and follows a strategy of sustainable environmental policies with notable highlights including:

  • Over 90% of our global data center energy consumption was covered by renewable energy sources.
  • Ranked 4th on the U.S Environmental Protection Agency's National Top 100 Partners list.
  • Won third consecutive EPA Green Power Leadership Award.