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Multi-Asset Trade Life Cycle System

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"I think a great advantage of Elevate is its modularity. We are using the modules that fit our business unlike other systems where you are paying for functionality that you do not need. And the Elevate team quickly enhances the system to satisfy our requests."

Brenda R.,
Mortgage REIT Broker Dealer

System Overview

Elevate is a seasoned securities finance solution for broker / dealers, asset managers and banks in the fixed income capital markets.

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Elevate Overview
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About Elevate

Elevate is a seasoned securities finance solution with 20+ years of technical and business logic built in. Reengineered in 2022,
Elevate is the optimal solution for broker / dealers, asset managers and banks in the capital markets. Functions range from front office trade entry, to settlement & clearance, down to reporting and accounting. The modular nature of the system allows firms tailor a software solution to fit their needs— not the other way around.

Elevate Features

Credit & Risk Management

Comprehensive collateral and haircut profiles support margin requirements by customer and asset class; logic for multiple margin calculations and haircut direction (pay vs. receive).

Collateral / Position Management

Manage funding requirements across all asset class buckets & financing options (i.e. repo fills, GCF, Tri-party) and manage positions in real-time.

DTCC Comparison & Netting

Supports trade matching for the GSD, MBSD and CMU divisions of DTC. Real-time reporting shows the user advisories, non-compared trades, compared trades, and other trade statuses.

Trade Entry & Management

Supports Repo / Reverses, Bonds Loan / Borrow, Funds Loan / Borrow, Collateral Pledge / Receive, Tri-party, repo money-fill, reverse-fill (multi-CUSIP par trade) and GCF trade types.

Cash & Settlements

Supports sending RVP/DVP settlements to the BNY Mellon BDC, Bank of Montreal, Broadcort, NFS, First Clearing and others.

Robust Network

Geographically remote, fully redundant data centers power the Matrix network for reliability, scalability, and peace of mind.

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